I am a business administrator with particular expertise in international business. I have meaningful hands on experience with Fortune 500 companies.  I have resolved domestic and international business issues, guided, trained and managed employees of different hierarchical levels both overseas and in the USA.  I am a native Spanish speaker, cross-culture literate and adult educator at college level.  I enjoy planning, strategizing and implementing. 

During my college years in California, I developed an early passion for the international business field, the Spanish language and its cultures. This led me to further my education in International Management and initiate my international business development by accepting an opportunity with General Motors Corporation – Latin America as administrative advisor for the dealership network. My international living and work experience also includes the development of credit products in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela through a strategic alliance between GM and Citibank. My interpersonal skill set, business acumen and technical competencies drove my career into the opportunity to work for the Corporate Comptrollers’ Group at Amoco Corporation. 

I have worked for the Judicial System for over 10 years now.  In the process I have observed many people with addictions who do not have a prevention plan or those who have one but do not use it as regularly as they should.  However, the sheer fact that we are human is reason enough to surmise that a prevention plan should be accessed numerous times during the week. I believe that a prevention plan is vital in order to maintain remission and to prevent recidivism. 

I am addicted to nicotine and I too battle unproved triggers. I have firsthand knowledge of the unexpected forces that can damage all good intentions to maintain remission. Therefore, a prevention plan is vital for too.

College of DuPage – Faculty Member
Waubonsee Community College – Faculty Member
DuPage County Courthouse – Probation Department Interpreter
Private Practice - Cross-Cultural Advisor/Consultant
Speaker – Cross-Culture Issues

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