These are basic facts, stuff we should know if we are serious about dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. Don't worry, you're the only judge on passing or failing.

1. What percentage of college students binge-drink and/or abuse other drugs?

a. 20 b. 30 c. 50

2. Approximately what percentage of college students meet medical criteria for alcohol or drug dependence?

a. 10 b. 25 c. 35

3. One in how many Americans will have an alcohol or drug problem at some point in their lives?

a. 4 b. 7. c. 10. d. 15

4. How many girls and women are alcohol abusers and alcoholics?

a. 1 million b. 3 million c. 6 million d. 10 million

5. What percent of all inmates with substance abuse and addiction disorders receive any treatment during their incarceration?

a. 50 b. 25 c. 11 d. 3

6. Alcohol is involved in up to how many percent of all rapes?

a. 25 b. 35 c. 50 d. 70

7. In 2009, approximately what percentage of teens (8.7 million) said they can get prescription drugs to get high within a day?

a. 15 b. 25 c. 33 d. 45 e. 55

8. Each day, approximately how many children and teens take their first drink?

a. 5,000 b. 7,000 c. 10,000 d. 13,000 e. 15,000

9. What percentage of homeless have alcohol problems?

a. 50 b. 60 c. 70 d. 80 e. 90

10. What percentage of abused and neglected children have alcohol- and/or drug-abusing parents?

a. 30 b. 40 c. 50 d. 60 e. 70

11. A child who reaches age 21 without smoking, abusing alcohol or using drugs is virtually certain never to do so.

12. Teens who have infrequent family dinners are twice as likely to have used tobacco; almost twice as likely to have used alcohol, and one and a half times likelier to have used marijuana.

13. 85 percent of websites selling controlled prescription drugs do not require a prescription.

14. Almost a quarter of a trillion dollars of the nation's yearly health-care bill is attributable to substance abuse and addiction.

15. Of every dollar government spends on substance abuse and addiction, 96 cents goes to clean up the wreckage in crime, health care and other social costs; only 2 cents goes to prevention and treatment.

OK, the last five were giveaways. They're all true.

Here are the multiple choice answers: 1 (c). 2 (b). 3 (a). 4 (c). 5 (c). 6 (d). 7 (c ). 8 (d). 9 (e). 10 (e).

Addiction Fact Quiz

The questions and answers are all based on reports and other published materials of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, an active participant in the campaign to prevent and treat addiction.